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3119 S. Jamestown Ave
Tulsa, Ok 74135
Phone: 918-743-1303
Fax: 918-743-1304
NorthEast Active Timers
NorthEast Active Timers / NEATs

The NorthEast Active Timers or NEATs is a non-profit organizations serving the northeast oklahoma area.

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Centenarian Club
Do you know a centenarian? If so be sure to sign up for our Centenarian Club.

The Centenarian Club of Oklahoma, North East Area is a rapidly growing, non profit, non-denominational organization whose sole purpose is to honor citizens of Oklahoma who are 100 years of age or older.

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NEATs Trip to San Antonio
A boat ride from last year's trip to San Antonio

Chicago Trip

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The Annual Garage Sale
NEATs Estate Sale

Donations are greatly appreciated for our estate sale.

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